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Confused about buying options? We can help! =0)

You are the Boss here &You can,

1. Simply purchase what I have made on hand "Available to Buy Now"

2. YOU MAY ALSO, Tell me your dream item, and collaborate with me for free, to create something never seen before, and we can go all the way CUSTOM just for you!


3. If you see something you like in one of the item categories, you can just order it, right there, from the list of "Available to be made On Demand items" that I have on hand, and it will be made to the pictured specs!

Then just Click, Click, & its made and shipped!!

If you need any additional help along the way just hit the Orange Blinking Dot on the Home Page or simply email me at Shaun@BuildMeABear.Biz! You can also get in touch through the Contact Us tab!