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Beaded Napkin Rings & Tea Light Holders (INSTANT PDF DOWNLOADS, PATTERNS ONLY)

Welcome to the Napkin Ring & Tea Light Holder Section of the store!!

Here you will find the patterns that I have created or that I have available, that I can make for you!

You  may purchase the patterns that I have created and use them for your own gifting or other occasions!!

If an Item shows as (Made to Order) it means that it is an item I have the pattern for and can make for you! However you can not purchase those patterns..

CAUTION!! The individual patterns will tell you what type tealight candle the pattern is made for.


There are 2 varieties available:

1. Small traditional aluminum wax burning tea light candles like these:


2. Newer plastic battery operated tealights:

Most patterns will be made to fit the above plastic, battery operated tealights!

Both sizes are great for Napkin Rings!!

When used as a Decorative Napkin Ring, the Patterns are best suited to cloth napkins!

When you purchase an Instant Download PDF Pattern from BuildMeABear.Biz

You will receive a link to download your files in your receipt email. If for some reason you loose that email or the file, please know that you can come back at ANY TIME and re-download your patterns from your account! Any patterns you purchase here are stored to your account, for as long as your account exists! =0)