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Privacy Policy

Please know that my Husband and I take privacy and security very seriously!  That is why this website has a SSL certificate and utilizes PayPal for all financial transactions for your protection and my own!

Your Privacy is one of my TOP priorities! While no one is perfect, my Husband has been doing IT professionally for many years now he owns his IT repair business that is run from our home as well, he maintains my website and our private secured network with the skill of a Master!  

Your information is YOUR INFORMATION! I do not keep your information any longer than what you wish of me to have it. When you sign up for the Mailing List or Create an Account, you list your information and if you delete your account your information goes with you! I do not and will not sell, give away, or otherwise transfer any of your information in any way at any time. Your transaction information is encoded with PayPal, and I do not have access to it. This is for your protection and mine as well and PayPal is the ONLY method of payment that I accept at the moment. Credit Card payments are handled through PayPal as well! If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time!